Thursday, August 30, 2007

Copy/Meter Testing

So these ae the photos that I chose for the Copy stand and the two that I shot in tungsten and daylight settings. I welcome comments :-) I still think that this was a great exercise to play with light and really get a good feel for our cameras and how they can work for us if we can learn how to manipulate them.

This was taken around dusk at Hinkson Park. We were playing volleyball and the balloon came over the trees and pretended to land on the field. The field hockey girls that were next to us were yelling at him and they held a conversation for a little while. The guy in the balloon asked them if they knew where the airport was. I shot this at f/11 and 1/125 with an ISO of 400. I liked the tungsten light setting with this photo because it highlighted the blue sky so well.

Braving glistening ice shafts within Greenland’s glaciers, German photographer Carsten Peter revealed a hidden world as marvelous and menacing as any underground labyrinth. Carsten Peter, February 1996.

This photo I got out of one of hte National Geographic Magazines and wanted to know how it was done but also thought that it created good mood. The cold is very evident and even the harsh shadows add to the danger of what the guy in the picture is doing. For the copy on it, I shot it at f/20 and 0.6 in the tungsten setting with an ISO of 250.

A bullet pierces an apple at 1,900 miles an hour, the action frozen by stroboscopic light in an image devised by Harold E. Edgerton, pioneer of high-speed photography. Edgerton Foundation/Palm Press, October 1987.

This photo came out of the same National Geographic magazine and I really wanted to know how this was set up to capture the bullet and then apple still in one piece.

This last photo was taken outside of The Noodle place on 9th. I liked the bright colors of the boxes and the green of the background and the sign. The specular light was fun too. I shot it in a daylight setting for the white balance, f/14, 1/400, and an ISO of 400. I know it's not very journalistic, but I really liked the colors and the composition. I had another select picked out from a night playing volleyball, but the colors and lines really drew me into this photo more than that one.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Time

Over the summer I did a little road tripping back to the West Coast spending about 2 weeks in the Seattle area and at home. On the way out we drove through Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. These are some of the pictures that got taken along the way. And some once we got there and made it down to the beach.

The Grand Teton's at dawn.

This is one of the lakes in the park.

Ocean Shores at sunset with my best friend Stephanie and her puppy Baxter.