Sunday, September 23, 2007


Laura Petersen is an amazing classmate of ours that I would like to introduce you to.

Some things you might know already: She's from Texas. She loves to row. She's in a sorority. She's a pretty happy go-lucky kind of girl.

Some things you might not know: She tutors. She's a camp counselor in the summer for little kids. She has a huge heart to go with her smile. And claims that she was the fat kid growing up. (I still don't believe her.)

My favorite portrait is below. I love her hair and her smile. Those are two things that she is never without so I thought that it was important to highlight them. I only used one light which had a soft box on it and a reflector to keep the detail in her face all on the gray background. As I am in Chillicothe and I haven't figured out the cool link that Rita sent us, I have a drawing that is not on here to show you the setup. However, big clue, one light. Shouldn't be too hard to figure this one out kids ;-)


ISO set at 200, Aperture was at f/16 and 1/125. The light was a soft box set up high with her sitting on the floor and it was located slightly behind her and to the right with the reflector slightly in front on the left sitting on the floor angled at her face. The power was set at 600.

More to come. I have a few others that I liked a lot that everyone should enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Changing Light - I didn't know 6am was so pretty!

This is our Changing Light assignment. The idea was to pick a spot and go back several times throughout the day to see what the light did and when. I went to Little Bear Creek Park here in Columbia off of Garth on the north side of town. I got there just before sunrise and came back throughout the day. For all of the photos, I used an ISO of 250. Most of these photos are taken at f/16, but I varied in my outtake between f/8, f/16, and f/29. I did use a tripod so that I could have a stable base and make sure that I had everything set up in the same spot to take the same picture.

I really liked this assignment because I love to watch how the light changes in the morning and evening. I didn't like the earliness of it all and will have to find a way to catch back up on my sleep before heading off to MPW. (Yeah right, I know.) Anyway, below are the ones that I selected for the assignment and an extra one because I liked it but wasn't sure if I could use it.

7:08 am

7:33 am

2:15 pm


7:34 pm

Below: A photo that I liked, but the exposure was bad and I edited the levels in photoshop, not a lot, but I had to bring out the foreground. The sky looked amazing with the clouds like that and the blue was a great color, but the foreground was too dark. So, it's not part of my five that I submitted because of that.

Around 7:15pm

Thursday, September 6, 2007

5am with the Advanced Crew

As we walked around Downtown Columbia at 6 in the morning, this is what may or may not have happened :-)


The sky outside of Starbucks - you all remember.


Jesse Hall - 7am ish

Jesse Hall - a little later.

The Paparazzi Attack!

This is what we all looked like that morning. It's a good thing you can't
see his eyes, they might be closed.